Summer 2013 Benoît Lemercier D'un infini à l'autre

B.Lemercier - Supercordes - Acier peint
B.Lemercier - D'un infini à l'autre Benoît Lemercier - Supercordes B.Lemercier - Supercordes

Benoît Lemercier
" D'un infini à l'autre "

June 6th 2013 - May 18th, 2014

This exhibition offers a poetic view of both geographical and temporal extremities of the universeBenoit Lemercier

The exhibition will gather sculptures and paintings of tow series : Hypercube and Superstrings. The black "Hypercube" symbolizes the infinitely big.The white "Superstrings" symbolizes the infinitely small... 

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