Festival Foreign Affairs in Berlin 2014

Foreign Affairs Festival from June 26th to July 13th, 2014

jeudi 26 juin 2014
Outil partage
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list of Contemporary Artists

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Adami Valerio

Born in 1935 in Bologna. Lives and works in Monaco.

  • Exhibitions spring 1993 and summer 1996.

Arroyo Eduardo

Born in 1937 in Madrid. Lives and works in Paris and in Madrid.

  • Exhibition summer 1996.

Aubertin Bernard

Born in 1934 in Fontenay-aux-Roses. Lives and works in Germany.

  • Exhibition summer 1992.

Baran Edward

Born in 1934 in Lesko, Poland. Lives in Anjou and works in Fine Arts School in Angers.

  • Exposition été 1992.


Born in 1935 in Naples. Lives and works in Nice.

  • Exhibition summer 1995.

Benoît Lemercier

Born in 1965 in Angers of France. Lives and works in Paris.

  • Exposition summer 2013 and spring 2014

Brown James

Born in 1951 in Californie. Lives and works in New York, Paris and in Mexico.

  • Exhibition autumn 1999.

Chavanis Stéphane

Born in 1956 in Monaco. Lives and works in Monaco and Nice.

  • Exhibition in 1992

Chevalier Miguel

Born in 1959 in Mexico. Lives in Paris and works in France and abroad.

  • Exhibition autumn 1997.

Combas Robert

Born in 1957 in Lyon. Lives and works in Paris.

  • Exhibitions spring 1993 and summer 1996.