Festival Foreign Affairs in Berlin 2014

Foreign Affairs Festival from June 26th to July 13th, 2014

jeudi 26 juin 2014
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Upcoming expositions

"Regard d'un poilu"                    label_centenaire_carre
In the Eyes of a French Soldier

June 6th - October 9th, 2014
Free admission, Tuseday to Sunday: 14h - 18h

Photographic Exhibition - Marcel Chatenay - collection Y. Cornet

For the second time, Bouvet Ladubay will be hosting an exhibition curated and produced by the Municipal Archives of the City of Saumur, this year in partnership with the School of Art and the French Cities of Art and History. This summer, on the occasion of the Centennary of 1914, we propose a photographic journey through history named "Regards d'un poilu" - In the Eyes of a French Soldier.
In giving to the city of Saumur 886 stereoscopic stills of Marcel Chatenay, health officer during the Great War, the collector Yves Cornet wanted to draw attention to the richness of these images, whose subject is the daily life of a french soldier during WW1: how to take shelter, to find food, medicine  and entertain nonetheless in an environment of suffering and desolation.
Over 100 enlarged modern prints will be exhibited in 7 rooms Bouvet -Ladubay Contemporary Art Center, a part will be displayed in 3D format. They will be accompanied by testimonials, excerpts from letters and diaries from the front.

B.Lemercier - D'un infini à l'autre Benoît Lemercier - Supercordes B.Lemercier - Supercordes


Previous expositions

Benoît Lemercier
" D'un infini à l'autre "

June 6th 2013 - May 18th, 2014

This exhibition offers a poetic view of both geographical and temporal extremities of the universeBenoit Lemercier

The exhibition will gather sculptures and paintings of tow series : Hypercube and Superstrings. The black "Hypercube" symbolizes the infinitely big.The white "Superstrings" symbolizes the infinitely small... 

More information on www.benoit-lemercier.com


Many prominent artists have exhibited at Bouvet Ladubay Contemporary Art Center:

Browse the list of Contemporary Artists 

centre-d-art-contemporain centre-d-Art-de-Nuit---Sophie-Boursier GALERIE-NUIT Hypercube2
The idea behind the creation of the Art Centre is to revive the pleasures and the spirit of the Renaissance right in the very heart of the Loire Valley.
Officially opened in 1992 under the patronage of Gonzague St Bris, a French writer and journalist, and with Benoît Lemercier as Artistic Director, there are nine exhibition rooms and a lobby-library, covering almost 800m2 (8,600 sq. ft).
"We have contributed, modestly but with enthusiasm, to opening up the world of contemporary art to both the local population and to visiting tourists," says Benoît Lemercier. "The wide range of exhibitions we program means that a visitor can confront a work directly, can love it or not, in any case to refine one's own taste and thoughts."