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Fernsehpreis 2012

Fernsehpreis Eva Habermann
German TV Awards Ceremony Cologne, Germany - October 4th 2012

The Gala evening for the Fernsehpreis 2012, the German television awards, brought together the best of the industry for a memorable night...

Gerry Weber Open

Gerry Weber Open 2013
For the first time, Bouvet Ladubay was present @ "Gerry Weber Open"  which took place in Halle from June 9th to 17th.
Guests could taste Bouvet Trésor cuvée during the event.

Dinner-Party in "Le Grand Jardin" - Sainte Marguerite island

At the occasion of the "Tax Free World Exhibition" organised each year in Cannes, Dr Vijay Mallya, the president of UB Group, hosted a "dinner-party" in the garden of his property on Saint-Marguerite island. During the party he presented to the guests of "Travel Retail Premium"  two...

Avant-première of "SMALL WORLD"

 Kurfürstendamm 211 - Berlin - Französische Filmwoche

Bouvet Ladubay partnering the avant-première of  "Small Word" film by Bruno Chiche

International Launch of Taille Princesse Rosé Brut de Gérard Depardieu by Bouvet Ladubay


Gérard Depardieu and Patrice Monmousseau presented the first bottles of the new cuvée Taille Princesse ROSÉ de Gérard Depardieu by Bouvet Ladubay...

Launch of Namasté France

Auditorium Lévi-Strauss - Saumur

Indian Festival in France.
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Brut de Loire  festival 
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