Crémants et Desserts

Crémants & Desserts

A Crémant as an aperitif  - it's a classical association for a lot of people. But a Crémant with Dessert? Perfect! We convinced German journalists about that on September 16th!
We tasted our Brut de Loire with delicious desserts in Café Paris in Hamburg, like for example a Mille-Feuilles au pralin with Bouvet Saumur demi-sec Blanc!




Benoit Defranoux &  Juliette Monmousseau @ Café Paris

Benoit Defranoux German market Sales Manager since 20 years and Juliette Monmousseau Deputy Managing Director on a trip in Hamburg

Eclairs Crémants et Desserts Macaron Glacé à la Framboise



Menu Mille Feuilles au Pralin


Brut de Loire  festival 
Bouvet News to download

Bouvet News to download