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Bouvet in Russia

White Rabbit

Gourmet restaurant, Moscow

This new luxurious restaurant in Moscow offers gourmet cuisine to its clients with an amazing bird's eye-view of the city. We are proud that Bouvet Trésor Blanc sparkles in this gastronomic wonderland.
Pictures of White Rabbit restaurant
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Filimonova & Yankel

Fish House, Moscow

Opened in 2006, Filimonova & Yankel was the first restaurant of the concept « Fish House » in Moscow. It's named after its founders Natalia Filimonova and Yankel Shein. Thanks to the success of the concept, nowadays Filimonova & Yankel has been transformed into a network of four restaurants. They offer a very large choice of fish dishes pairing them with Bouvet Ladubay wines.
Wine & Dish pairing: Smoked Sturgeon & Bouvet Trésor Rosé
Filimonova & Yankel Wine & Dish pairing Smoked Sturgeon & Bouvet Trésor Rosé


Brut de Loire  festival 
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