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8 au 27 juin 2015 festival d'anjou affiche

Festival d'Anjou, June 8th to 27th, 2015

Upon the 66th edition of the "Festival d'Anjou" Theatre Festival, Bouvet Ladubay welcomes the visitors before the beginning of the plays in the courtyard of the Plessis-Massé Castle and allows them to have a glass of its Brut de Loire cuvees before the party starts. 
This year's program includes (among others):
  • Gérard Jugnot in « Cher Trésor ! » of Francis Veber, Plessis-Macé Castle
  • « Paris Broadway » staged by Nicolas Briançon, Plessis-Macé Castle
  • « La Colère du Tigre » with Claude Brasseur, Plessis-Macé Castle
  • « Le Misanthrope » of Molière, staged by Michèle André, Grand Théâtre of Angers
  • « Voyages avec ma tante » of Graham Greene, staged by Nicolas Briançon, Theater of Saumur
Bouvet Ladubay's "Petit Théâtre" will host Tom Novembre on June 26th, for his "Recital" staged by Ged Marlon.
8 au 27 juin 2015 festival d'anjou tom novembre