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Prix SACD 15 juin 2015

Prix SACD, Paris, June 15th 2015

On June 15th, the board of directors of the Société des Auteurs et des Compositeurs Dramatiques (Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) awarded the confirmed authors and new talents who marked the year in all disciplines and repertoires of the SACD: drama, staging, one-man-show, cinema, television, animation, interactive creation, circus, street arts, music radio, dance.
This year, Jean Paul Rappeneau earned the "Grand Prix", Emma Dante the "Prix Européen", Florence Foresti the "Prix Humour/One-Man-Show" and Kev Adams the "Prix nouveau Talent Humour/One-Man-Show". 
Bouvet Ladubay accompanied the event with its Brut de Loire, as a loyal partner of the SACD and the Arts in general.